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Hybrid Mobile App is a computer based program to run on various mobile platform
devices such as Smartphones, Tablets etc.
Centauruss ITS is one among the Hybrid mobile Application Developemnt Firm in India.
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Work process

How we work

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Creative Concept

Innovative design start with an Creative Idea. We believe our Designs & Creations & Perfectness. The design what ever create it should be own.

"CENTAURUSS - Simple Ideas for Complex Innovations."

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Our development team have great Exposure & Experience, we shows our expertise on every deployemnt. Our coding must be unique & advanced on every implementation.

"Developers are differ from Programers."

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Happy Clients

Client Satisfation is not our Goal, Where the end user satisfies we achieve our Goal. We differ from others on deployment. We have best Service & Customer Relationship.

"Happy Clients are End Users not Business Clients."

03. Presentation

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Mobile application Development @ Centauruss where Cross plantrom, Hybrid Development with latest technologies like Angular 2.0, Angular 4.0, MVC & various open source technologies by based on the customer requirement. We are Expertised on all mobiles platform like Androin, Windows, IOS.

04. What's new

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06. Why our app

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Mobile Application Development @ Centauruss is differ from other firm, we provide free 15 days demo for all our product specially mobile application development like Corporate task scheduling system & Application for Education Institutions, Restaurant ordering system using mobile App & Customized App etc. This make ourside to fullfill the client requirements on any module.

Compact & tentative design, Exact compatability, Advanced technology with recent trenting, Unique source code, professional statery on deployment.
Our mobile application development team shows the expertise on mobile compatability, Creative Design, Make it user friendly on adding fields, Shows Eye chache with compact view,
Centauruss provide a free maintenance on the first 3 months after the completion of every application. Sometimes it may extended for a year based on the application complexity & user interests. So it may easy to upadate for our clients.
Centauruss provide an excellent support for our client side, Why 24*7 (not an false statement ) We work @ GMT, UTC (GMT), GST based on our client's timing
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07. How it works

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09. Send Enquiry

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Feel free to ask Enquiry. (We will answer but We wont disturb our client)

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We think different on providing support & services for clients to build a successful business on web and mobile.


Kattur, Trichy, India

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